Triangle bra N541

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Triangle bra N541


Con questo prodotto si abbina perfettamente il modello N542.

Charming triangular-shaped bra. There is beauty in simplicity and this piece proves it.

The material is light. Soft perforated rubber that is applied to the back of the straps and the bottom hem is flexible and does not press into your skin. Flexible and breathable material along with double straps at the front provide important support where necessary. Closure on the back has two points and you can adjust the length of the straps.

Softness and adaptability of the material is a great advantage and thanks to that you hardly feel you are wearing a bra at all. It celebrates natural beauty of a healthy body.

Be yourself and be proud of yourself. We are proud of you.

made of recycled material
triangle-shaped design
elastic mesh
adjustable straps
adjustable 2-point closure
designer perforated NEBBIA band
very adjustable design
material: 73% NYLON, 27% ELASTANE

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